Balderdash – The Story

“What is our concept?” The fact is we have none, apart from honoring our beautiful building. From its creation in 1732, by one of the very first Jewish immigrants in Denmark, Valkendorfsgade 11 has housed a motley crew of Copenhageners: from goldsmiths to tailors, shoemakers to barbers. In the 1930’s it reached its social pinnacle when the storied bar known as Kontoret opened its doors. Frequented by the best and the worst that Copenhagen society had to offer, Kontoret boasted being the first bar in Copenhagen who had a public phone, allowing patrons to prolong their nightly adventures.

After a short stint of 30 years in the dark shadows, we have now restored the old lady to her former boozy glory. Only this time with unplugged old phones, an innovative approach to cocktails and a renewed love affair for the modern Copenhagen community. For us it was never about sticking to a concept but rather to be artistically free in innovation of cocktails and invite our guest to join us in adding to the story of Valkendorfsgade 11. And while we have no ”concept” we fiercely adhere to the most Danish of mantras HYGGE!